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Double Layer Roll Former / Roll Forming Machine for Roofing Sheets

Main Specifications of Double Layer Roll Former
1. Material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
2. Material width: depend on customer’s requirement
3. Decoiler Type: manual or automatic type (depend on customer’s requirement)
4. Weight Capacity Of Decoiler: 5 Ton
5. Main Motor Power: 7.5 Kw
6. Hydraulic Motor Power: 3 Kw
7. Forming Station: approx. 18 & 18 (depending on profile drawing)
8. Electrical Control: PLC Frequency Control System with touch screen
10. Encoder: OMRON Brand
11. Transducer: PANASONIC Brand
12. Machine Weight: about 8.5 Ton

Work Flowing
Decoiler --- Fedding Guide --- Roll Forming --- Cut-to-length --- Run out table

Main Component
Decoiler 1 Unit
Feeding Guide 1 Unit
main roll forming machine 1 Unit
Hydraulic Cutting Device 1 Unit
Hydraulic Station 1 Unit
PLC Computer Control Board 1 Unit
Output table 2 Units

Metal roof; steel roof; metal roof wall panel; steel roof wall panel; metal roofing sheet; steel roofing sheet; metal roof panel; steel roof panel; roof wall cladding; roof cladding; wall cladding

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