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Roll Forming Machine for Highway Guardrail

Summary of Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine
This crash barrier roll forming machine mainly consists of the decoiler, guide device, levelling system, hydraulic station, punching, roll forming system, cutting system and runout table.

1. Material Thickness: 2-4mm
2. Forming Station: 15 rollers: excluding the feeding rollers and leveling rollers
3. 7 Rollers leveling.
4. Principal Axis Diameter: ¢100mm
5. Working Speed: 10-12m/min
6. Main Power: 30KW
7. Leveling Power: 2.2KW
8. Hydraulic Power: 15KW
9. Dimension of Machine: 11,500mm X 2000mm X 1600mm (LxWxH)
10. Gross Weight of Machine: about 18 Ton
11. Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase 50Hz

Main Components
Hydraulic Decoiler ------------------------------------------ 1 Unit
Leveling and Feeding Guide -------------------------------- 1 Unit
Punching Device ------------------------------------------- 1 Unit
Roll Forming Machine -------------------------------------- 1 Unit
Hydraulic Cutting ------------------------------------------ 1 Unit
Hydraulic Station ------------------------------------------ 1 Unit
PLC Contol System ---------------------------------------- 1 Unit
Runout Table ---------------------------------------------- 1 Unit
Spare Coupling -------------------------------------------- 1 Unit

Working flow chart
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