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Roll Forming Machine for Downspouts

Main Specifications
Main motor power: 7.5Kw
Number of forming station: about 20
Forming speed of square downspout roll forming machine: 6-12m/min
Voltage: 380 V, 3 Phase 50Hz (or depend on customer’s requirement)
Machine dimensions: about 12,000mm x 1,100mm x 1,200mm
Machine wight: about 12 Ton
Axis material: High grade 45# steel
Axis diameter: φ75mm
Roller material: High grade 45#, polished and coated with 0.05mm Chrome Surface.
Machine frame material: A3 Steel, thickness 18mm
Electrical Control: PLC Frequency Control System with touch screen
Encoder: OMRON Brand
Transducer: PANASONIC Brand

Main Components
Decoiler ---------------------------------------------- 1 Unit
Feeding guide ---------------------------------------- 1 Unit
main roll forming machine ---------------------------- 1 Unit
Hydraulic cutting device ------------------------------ 1 Unit
Hydraulic Station ------------------------------------- 1 Unit
PLC computer control -------------------------------- 1 Unit
Output table ----------------------------------------- 1 Unit
Elbow machine --------------------------------------- 1 Unit

Working Flow
Decoiler--> Coil sheet guiding and feeding --> Roll forming machine with safty guard--> Tighten device -> Cut to length --> Out-put Table --> Curving machine

Reference Rainspout Drawing

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