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Roll forming machines are comprised of a hydraulic decoiler with a breaking device, roll former with tooling, hydraulic cut-off machine, a run out table and an automatic stacking device. Our roll forming machines are economically friendly, and snap together easily with metal forming equipment. These roll forming systems come in a number of types for different purposes, including roof forming machines, roof tile forming machines, window frame forming machines, door frame forming machines, wall panel forming machines, and floor deck forming machines.
The color steel sandwich plate compound production line can compound the corrugated plates in a single step. The entire production line is composed of the feed unrolling system, molding system, cutting device, compounding system (rib pressing, glue coating, heating, compounding, and flanging, notching, trimming, pneumatic and automatic cutting. The process is all computer controlled, and this system is necessary for producing faceplates and wall boards for industrial workshops and warehouses.
The stone coated sheet is formed using 0.4mm Al-Zn plating panels and color stones. The stone coated sheet is modern, environmentally friendly and features an aesthetically pleasing design.
We developed the stone coated production line based on our years of experience, continuous improvements and changing customer demands. It is known for its high performance, stability energy efficiency and easy operation.

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