Stone Coated Tile Production Line

Stone coated sheets formed on the tile production line are formed using 0.4mm thick Al-Zn plating panels and colored stones. This production line is modern, environmentally friendly and features a clean, professional appearance. We developed the stone coated production line based on an ideal for a long service life and continuous improvement, to better meet customer needs. The production line for stone coated metal shingles is known for its high performance, stable, energy efficient and easy operation.

1. The base of the colored stone coated metal roofing tiles is galvalume and vermiculites that have been processed using high techniques on its surface. The multi-layer design is environmentally friendly and modern.
2. The base of the colored metal roofing tile is galvalume or galvanized sheeting. The surfacing process utilizes painting and coloring at high temperatures to ensure the evenness of the color. These tiles are environmentally friendly multi-layer composite roofing materials. The processing techniques and surface materials are different than those of the colored stone coated metal tiles, and we can provide nearly any color, as long as a sample has been sent to us.
3. Compared to galvanized sheets, galvalume has an increased durability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is estimated that a steel sheet can go 30 years without being damaged through rust or erosion from a number of conditions.
4. The colorful vermiculite has been processed at high temperatures, giving it the bright color it is known for, and it will never fade.

Stone coated metal roofing tile production line