In addition to quality products, Botou Jinbaili takes great pride in our top service levels, earning the trust and satisfaction of clients all over the world. Forming machines typically need to be capable of running 24/7 without breaking down. Roll forming services and replacement parts availability is critical to the purchase of a new roll forming machine, and OEM/ODM services are always available upon request.

We provide a one and a half year warranty from the moment the machine leaves our factory or a dealer location. This coverage excludes parts that require routine maintenance, and is limited to the repair and replacement of mechanical parts supplied through us that are defective. Defects are covered only if the failure has occurred during normal use of the equipment and does not cover damage from misuse or improper installation.

The installation and commissioning costs are covered by the customer, at 80USD/day/person and sent directly to the seller’s account before the installation technician leaves. We estimate that it takes about 5 days to complete installation and test operations on the roll forming production line. This is not included in the price of the system as a whole. Technicians are available on a day to day basis.

It is the responsibility of the customer to get the Visa and necessary customs paperwork, accommodations, food and transport and airfare taken care of for our technicians.

Prior to the installation of the roll forming system, it is also the customer’s responsibility to find a Chinese translator, at least 5 employees to help us install the roll forming production line, enough electrical power and other necessary parts, as well as have test steel, stone sand and glue in stock for correct specifications.

Our service department requires at least two weeks prior notice to commissioning to schedule a technician for service, and confirmation of all above requirements must be in place at the time of commissioning.

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