We use Copra® for roll forming design. Copra® RF technology is used in the entire engineering process for roll forming, from calculation and flower design to roll tool design, part lists and tool production. A comprehensive database management system for profile and toll management is also utilized. All program modules are given access to a central Copra® RF database.

This software technology provides a powerful software package for every roll form designer. Designing professional layouts is simple, no matter how complex the profiles, tubes, drawn tubes and trapezoidal sections. By analyzing strains on the material during the forming process, the Copra® RF DTM software allows the designer to determine the right forming process to use, even before the rolls are manufactured.

Jinbaili uses Copra designing software for cold rolling production and applies it to the first step of rolling design, calculation, molding technique simulation, blueprint optimization and roller design for rough molding management, digital machining and quality control. By combining this software with our 16 years of experience, we can ensure a top level of production for our clients.

Windows screen frame profile design by COPRA.

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